Using the Massage Chair to build staff morale


If you are an employer, you might have realised that there comes a time when your employee’s morale is just beyond par.  How do you help build their morale without giving them a raise?  Small things that most employers ignore have come to work wonders in other sectors.  It has been discovered that when employees are dissatisfied nothing seems to move.  There are two scenarios that you might face namely employee burnout and a high turn out which is not good for any business.  The physical demand of long hours is not good for health and a simple thing like a massage chair can do wonders.


Helping reduce level of stress in any work place is a must for companies that require a high return from their employees.  Employees are known to spend long hours of their quality time at their place of work and this if not handled properly might cause worse health conditions in the long run.  Providing employees with chairs for massage can be a great incentive.  They will be able to relax more, increase their productivity and build their level of morale.  This is not rocket science but has been found out through available research and studies worldwide.


As a small company, you do not have to invest in the corporate massage chair when you can’t afford.  Investing in a single chair can do wonders for your staff.  Once they know they can use the chair at intervals, you will be good to go.  Create a system where all employees benefit as some are known to take advantage of new employees or those with no voice at all.   Massage of any kind is known to help in relieving stress and any level of fatigue.  Companies that have invested in the massage chair have come to appreciate considerable reduction in medical costs.


Medical costs for employees can be quite expensive and as an employer, you tend to suffer a lot when employees are sick.  These are situations that can be avoided if handled properly and with care.   Dr. Tiffany Fields in an article in Life Magazine indicates that a 15 minute massage is quite therapeutic and can work wonders.   Some of the things discussed in this article indicate that it helps in increasing employees alertness while at the same time opens the mind.  The fact that a massage is known to help clear thinking of most people is something that can never be taken for granted.

The best way to make this work is for employees to make appointments way before time to find a slot in using the massage chair.  When there is no order conflicts tend to occur increasing the level of stress amongst employees.  For larger firms and those that can afford, there is absolutely nothing wrong in investing in more chairs thereby increasing productivity amongst their employees.  Because of the escalating demands, there have been marked levels of stress among employees thereby affecting the overall productivity which if not handled in advance can be long term.

Stress at the work place is imminent and cause by various known reasons namely:-

  • Frustration at the work place has been noted to be the number one culprit regarding stress in the work place. People get frustrated for a number of reasons like failing to be promoted, lack of appreciation and being undervalued.
  • Change of any kind takes a great toll among employees and should be handled with care as it is known to lead to stressful situation.
  • Over work, a lot of employers never realise that they overwork their employees. This can lead to high stress levels as employers have no time to relax.

The above is not a complete list of stress in the work place but just an overview of what employees go through.  When employees are appreciated, it helps them build their morale and allow them to put more effort in the job at hand.  There are several ways to show appreciation and choosing to provide your staff with a massage chair or chairs would be one great way to make that happen.  The market currently is filled with numerous designs that are affordable and can make it easier for staff to relax at their work place when used correctly In the recent past the massage chair has become rather popular. More and more people are opting to buy one and just have it in the comfort of their homes. This is for the simple reason that they have realized the many benefits that come with having this amazing tool within the home. This is particularly taking into account the busy and stressful lives that we lead in the current world. People are always looking for ways to just relax and release stress and the massage chair has provided a very good option. There are so many benefits that come with the chair but the biggest of them all has to be the many ways that it helps you to save.

You might be wondering what that means; yes the massage chair can actually help you save lots and lots of money. You might be wondering how this is even possible when you have to pay for the initial cost of getting it and the subsequent maintenance costs. The truth is that if you do your shopping right, you can get a very good chair at a fairly cheap price. It is actually very possible for one to buy the chair on a budget.  About the maintenance, the costs are not usually very high owing to the fact that the chair is not used for commercial purposes. This means that the frequency with which it is used is reduced. It then simply means that the wear and tear is reduced significantly.

Thant being said, how exactly does the massage chair help you to save? The chair does not only help you to save money, it will also help you to save time. Normally, if you want to get a massage, you will need to find time and book an appointment with a massage parlor. This means you will have to specifically set time aside to attend your appointment. You will also need to include the time that it will take you to drive to and from the appointment. Remember that there are also costs that associated with this visit. You will have to pay for the massage services and you will have to pay for the fuel that you will use to and from. All these is time and money that can easily be saved if you have the chair in your home.  You will be able to get the massage from the comfort of your home and you will not need to drive anywhere or set apart time to cover for commute.

The massage chair will also help to save on lots of money and time that you will have otherwise spent taking care of your health. It is a fact that in the current world we lead really stressful lives. It is a fact that lots and lots people are being affected by lifestyle diseases. All these are issues that can be avoided if you work to ensure that your body and your health are properly taken care of. Most of these diseases are usually cost by lack of proper diet and too much stress, anxiety and buildup of toxins in the body. The diet part you will have to take care of separately. However, the problem of stress, anxiety and build up of toxins in the body can very easily be taken care of using a good and regular massage. Having a massage chair in your home is a guarantee that you can enjoy the good massages on a regular basis. This means that your health will be well protected and taken care of. You will be able to save on a lot of time and money that you would have otherwise spent on doctor visit.

When evaluating a situation it is always good to consider the bigger picture. You need not look at the purchase of a massage chair as just another purchase in your home. It is important that you assess all these important factors. The chair will not only save you the time and money but will also help you to take care of your general health and lifestyle. You will find that you will be able to live a happier, healthier, better and fuller life with the massage chair in your home.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Weather Station


We all know that the weather can be quite unpredictable. The meteorologists have also failed us on occasions or two. It is usually very frustrating when you set out of the house all dressed for a warm day then it ends up being very cold. This is the main reason as to why many people today are opting to buy a weather station and put ion the home. The station is a good option as it is able to tell you the weather of your locality. The for casts a and predictions that it gives are usually more localized thus the accuracy is significantly increased. Having one in your home really helps with making plans for outdoor activities and even deciding what to wear. So what do you need to look at when you are out buying a weather station?

A weather station is basically a collection of instruments that measure different elements of the weather. Depending on your needs, you can get a whole lot of instruments or just the ones that you find will be useful to you. At the end of the day, you need to know the exact purpose that you want the station to serve. This way you will be able to determine which instruments you will need for your station. You can opt to get one with a lot of instruments or simply a few of them.

The materials that have been used to make the instruments is another very important factor. This will boil down to the quality of your weather station. Remember that these instruments will mostly be placed in the outdoors so that they can be able to collect the required information. You therefore do not want instruments that have been made using low quality materials. You do not want instruments that will rust or stop functioning well when they are exposed to harsh weather conditions. You have to be really careful. Make sure that you purchase the station from a reputable store as here you will be given a good guide on the materials used. Compare the materials with the general atmospheric condition of your area to determine whether they will be affected.

The cost of the weather station is another very important factor. When it comes to money, it goes without saying that everyone usually wants to get value for your money. You cannot simply be spending money on things that are not even worth the money that you are spending. This means that you will need to do your research very well before you go out and buy the station. Take your time to find out what the market is offering and what your budget is. You do not want to go overboard and purchase something very expensive that will only end up giving you financial strain in your home. There are also ways that you can cut on the cost of the station depending on the vendor that you will be dealing with. There are those that will allow for installment payments, there are those that will give some form of financial assistance among other options. You can also choose to purchase the instruments one after the other within a certain period of time until you have all the instruments that you need.

After all is said and done, there is one fact that remains clear. The key top buying a good weather station and buying it right is good research. You need to make sure that you do your due diligence well beforehand. Make sure you have as much information as possible on what the market is offering and what exactly will serve your needs as far as the weather station is concerned. You can consult as widely as you need to. It will also be good for you to purchase from a professional vendor. This will assure you that what you are buying is of good quality and will be durable. The vendor will also be well placed to advise you on what will work best for you. Take your time, do not rush the process. Remember that this is something that you will be spending your money on and it is a tool that you would like to serve you for a long time to come.